2020 SEAL Workshops

Sir Bill Mitchell, ALM 2003

Breath Control: Basic Course



Creative Blood Play

In this class we'll show you ways to use scalpels, staples and needles to create decorative designs, predicament bondage and other fun sadistic ways to tease your partner. If you are interested in learning we'll have oranges to practice cutting and tomatoes to practice needles on. Marty and Petal have been partners since 86 and active in the leather/kink realm since 95. They are always willing to teach anyone who wants to learn and they are always looking for folks to teach them new things.

Handler David, IPTC Handler 2019

Handler 101

Intrigued by pet play but don’t feel the need to get on all fours? Looking to deepen your skills as a Handler or Trainer? Trying to manage your own Handler or Trainer? Handling 101 covers the basics and more - from a decidedly non-pet perspective. Handler David is a queer, poly kinkster with a deep love for the pet and Handler community. As the first International Pup or Handler from outside North America, he is taking his message on the road: pet play is for people of all genders and none, all sexualities and none, all races, all ages, and all abilities. Gummi bears included

j baby, ILSb 2019

How you can be a leatherboy and a little

"What's a Leatherbaby?" Or, How you can be Leather and Little. For some of us age players, we also belong to another side of the kink community. For those that are interested in the BDSM and Leather world, it can be a tricky tightrope to walk. How can you keep your little side present in a dungeon or at the bar with your rougher friends? Where do you draw the line of boy or girl and little boy or girl? Do you have to choose one or the other? I was told I had to when I started as a Leatherboy, that you couldn't be both. And you know what? They're wrong, because yes you totally can! Come share and discuss how to balance your enthusiasm and childlike nature with service and protocol. They don't have to be two sides of a coin. It can be one wonderful, childlike but helpful you. Hope to see you there

adeena, IPOL 2017

You want me to do what? A look at how to build individual service

Do you like service and want more? How do you ask to give or receive service? What are your “specialities?” This interactive presentation will show your strengths in your life and we will discuss how to conversate about your type of service and needs