2020 Southeast Puppy & Handler Judges

pup Sirius

IPTC Puppy 2019

Pup Sirius started his title work as Northeast (USA) Puppy 2019, before competing with 16 other pups from all the world to become International Puppy 2019/20. He has been a member of the pet play community for 5+ years and has had the privilege of working with several organizations to offer safe spaces to Lgbtq+ youth and community members throughout his travels. Sirius is an Organizer of Communikink (educational kink workshop), Educator on Puppy Headspace, a Philanthropist for Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and Pup Mosh coordinator. He is very passionate in pup and pet play and how it can help everyone in their daily lives. He also works to ensure the message in pup and pet play that “All are Welcome” is barked far and wide.

     A friendly and mischievous pup, who loves many types of fetish, like bondage, electro, impact, edging and wax play. While he is an Alpha Pup, he will submit to other Alphas if they can pin him down, so you better restrain him well. You will usually find him barking all over his home region of Boston, MA USA and traveling the world greeting all the pups he can.



NE Handler 2017

Damien is the first Northeast Handler, Northeast Handler 2017. He believes that being leather is first & foremost in your heart. He is the producer of the first Northeast Leatherman, Leatherwoman, Leatherperson, and Bootblack contest. As founder of Leather Pin & T-shirt Marketplace, Leather Couchsurfing Rideshare, and Leather Together: Mental Health Support groups it’s important to him to help out our communities when able to. He's a brother of Excelsior MC, a member of NYC-PAH, and an associate of ONYX. He's a champion of bi visibility, and mental health awareness. He flags red, yellow, hunter green, dark blue, black, teal, mustard, silver lamé, air force blue, white velvet, & bar rag. He enjoys long fucks on the beach, and kittens... err puppies, lots and lots of puppies.

Baus Yukon

Founding Member


Baus Yukon is Alpha of the Prydon Pack, a Founding Member of SEA-PAH, and the Founder, Producer, and President of the Northwest Puppy and Handler Organization.  He is a sadist with an avid interest in flogging, bondage, puppy play, electro-stimulation, watersports, fisting, and many other forms of consensual kinky play.  Baus Yukon has a passion for sharing his experiences to educate others about puppy play, reaching out to build the puppy, leather, rubber, and other fetish communities by working together to build bridges, educate one another, and find common points of collaboration.  He is a firm believer that we are all "One Love, One Pack".


IPOL 2017

slave adeena started her journey over... now a lady never tells her age!  slave adeena is a polyamorous, sapiosexual and demisexual with a love for authority exchange relationships.  The calling through her leather path grew her passion for protocol and rituals. slave adeenas’ service has taken many forms over the years.  slave adeena understands the value of a good listening ear, warm smile and hug and is always willing to give these to those that consent.

slave adeena has served as the 2017 International Person of Leather and the 2015 - 2016 Heartland Person of Leather.   She is a full member of Indiana Leather Club, an associate member of Titans of the Midwest and a supporting member of Blue Max CC St. Louis. She has been a keynote speaker,  presented, emceed, and judged at various BDSM clubs and conventions throughout the United States and Canada. slave adeena continues to grow with each encounter and is always looking for ways to build better people and communities

Sir Joesph,

NE Handler 2019

Since 2013, Sir Joseph has been interested in the fetish scene. One of the first fetish organizations he became involved in was the New York Pups and Handlers. This organization opened his eyes to the many facets in the fetish rainbow and has ever since found a home among the pups and handlers. 

Sir Joseph proudly served as Northeast Handler 2019 and Mr. Fire Island Leather 2017. He competed at both International Mr. Leather and International Puppy and Handler. Currently, he is the President of Excelsior M.C. in New York City and holds memberships with the Long Island Ravens M.C., Bay State Marauders and is a handler involved with New York Pups & Handlers. Sir Joseph co-hosts Fire Island Leather Weekend in May which raises money for charity during an exciting event drawing people from around the country.

     He is an avid collector of 1980’s New York City gay nightlife ephemera and is best known for his phrase “Remembering the past in the present for the future.” His primary charitable focus is LGBT Elders and supports SAGE and GMHC’s Long Term Survivor Program.

     Sir Joseph grew up on Long Island, and has lived in Detroit, Washington DC and Pennsylvania before making his way home to New York City. He has worked in higher education for over 15 years. New York. He is excited and honored by the chance to judge the S.E.A.L. contest.

Handler David (he/him) is a Handler, kinkster, and educator based in Australia. He is passionate about skills development for Handlers and the importance of safe and inclusive spaces for all people involved in pet play. He advocates for radical consent, healthy relationships, and the recognition of care and respect as the foundation for a vibrant pet play community. When not snuggling up with his pups, he can often be found knitting, playing D&D, or working in health research.

Handler David

IPTC Handler 2019




Onyx Pearls National Council


having a heart of service, I have dedicated my life to the care/wellbeing of others, and it continues to shape my path on my leather journey. My service has taken me all over the world and given me many opportunities to actively participate in community service on a local and global scale.  As a military veteran I learned to be a better leader within healthcare, leather, and vanilla organizations I affiliate with. I strive to live unapologetically as myself by laughing wholeheartedly, giving to others, being quirky, and genuinely caring. I absolutely love learning, experiencing new things, and seeing the heart of people.  Yet, I’m very serious when it comes to handling my business and continually standing strong in my convictions.  


Having a slave’s heart, I continue to find ways to lend my talents by volunteering in the local and surrounding communities.  Having volunteered at conferences such as Leather Leadership Conference (LLC), SELF was a guest judge at the Canadian contest of NCLP(National Capital Leather Pride) in the past my evolution is only beginning.


While serving in the different areas I realized there was a great need for representation of BIPOC closer to home. Recognizing that need with the support of my sisters.  Onyx Pearls Deep South was established. I currently serve on the Onyx Pearls National Council as President and proudly serving the Pantheon Small Club of the Year 2019 Deep South Onyx Pearls as President.   I’ll continue to give my talents time and passion to the advancement of People of Color and educating healthy self-practices within the BDSM/Leather communities. One of my favorite quotes to live by. 


"I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything; but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything. I will not refuse to do the something that I can do." Edward Everett hale