2020 Southeast LeatherSIR, SE Leatherboy, & Ms. SE Leather Pride Judges

cissy cat

Ms. SCSL 2017-18

Cissycat entered the BDSM lifestylie in 2010 and discovered her home in Leather in 2013. She identifies as a submissive, bottom, little and Leathergirl.  She is honored to be the property of Moonschine and Moonspetal. She is a full member of Columbia Leather Order and a member of The House of Purgatory leather family. She proudly represented the Coastal Empire Sentinels as Ms. Southern Coastal States Leather 2017-2018. 


ILS 2019

My name is SIR Robert, aka DaddySIR, and I am the current International LeatherSIR 2019, previously holding the title of Central Canada LeatherSIR 2017, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2013 and International Mr. Leather 2013 Second Runner-up where I made history at IML35 by being the first medalist over the age of 50.


I have always been part of the leather community, however I officially jumped in with both "boots" in 2013.  Retired as President of “Heart Of The Flag Federation” of Toronto 2016, the largest Leather, Fetish and Kink back patch club in Canada, which I saw as both an honor and a privilege. 


Knife and cigar play, impact play, rope bondage and psychological domination round out my kinkier interests, and rarely go anywhere without my articulating flogger and handcuffs.


I flag hunter green, coral and hounds tooth on the left, and hounds tooth on the right (wink)


I’ve grown and learned a lot about myself over the past 7 years, my sexuality, the darker side of my BDSM world, and never shy away from trying something new.  Ultimately I find pleasure in opening someone’s mind, giving them the opportunity to explore a scene which challenges, excites, or have always wanted to experience, in a safe, trusting environment …..but, if it’s pain you want, I am happy to give you that too, and test your limits.  My common phrase during negotiations of a scene is “be careful what you wish for, cuz you just might get it”.  Enlightening a sub and sharing an experience he/she will have permanently etched into their memory is my true passion.

j baby

ILb 2019

J Baby is International Leatherboy 2019. He was always curious about the forbidden and that search for the peculiar led him to the magical world of the kinky. In 2007 he began his journey as a Leatherboy. Despite protests, he refused to "put away childish things" and is proud to be a Leather Little boy. He enjoys serving in whatever way that is, as well as finding any excuse for cuddles. He has presented for many regional events and organizations in Oklahoma as well as CAPCon in Chicago. He has also served as a Judge, Judge's boy, and Emcee for a number of contests as well. He is proud to be Mark Chain's babyboy. When having to be out in the vanilla world, he spends his time working in the theatre, teaching, gaming, and watching far too much YouTube. 

Sir Bill Mitchell

ALM 2003

Bill is American Leatherman 2003 and Southwest Leather Sir 2011.  Bill has been involved in the leather lifestyle since 1992.   His interests include Electro Play, Bondage, Water Sports, CBT, Sounding and Fisting.  Bill has presented at Gay Pride events in San Diego, Los Angeles and Phoenix, Spring in the South in Atlanta, APEX, Threshold, Club X and local specialty groups. 

Bill is legally married to Jerry Heitman, Mr. Phoenix Leather 2017 and Southwest Leatherboy 2010.  Bill’s hobbies include sports, movies and travel.  He shares his living space with his Bio Dog, Tank and Bio Cat Tiny.  When not at home, Bill is a full time Corporate Human Resources Manager for a Fortune 500 Home Builder.

Pup Kona,

IPTC Puppy 2015

Pup Kona is the current producer of IPTC and on the board of IPAHW, past IPTC

International Puppy 2015 and NW Puppy 2015, 2-time Pantheon of Leather award recipient, co-founder of the BLFC Puppy Summit Group, co-founded the 1st ever pup and Handler contest in AU (Australian Pup and Handler Competition), co-founder of Paw and Pounce Weekend, and contributing writer for the pupplay.info website. Pup Kona is a French Bulldog and leather pup currently residing in Washington. He’s been working with non-profit charity organizations for over 15 years. One example was working alongside Helping

Paws, a local non-profit charity organization who helps charities and causes in the BC area through mascot performance entertainment. He is also the founder of PAHs without Borders, which focuses on promoting mentorship, support and conversations between pups and Handlers all around the world in the effort to give every pup/Handler a chance to grow, be heard and loved. Throughout his travels, he has reached out and visited various community groups all over the world, sharing his passion and teachings inside and outside of puppy play. Pup Kona is Alpha of his pack, Dogwood pack, a member of VAH-PAH, SEA-PAH, Sir Justin’s Kennel, member of Mama's family (Mama's Blue Puppy) and part of the furry fandom.

boy kris_edited.jpg

boy kris

ASLb 2019

boy kris is a rambunctious and playfully active boy in the Washington, D.C. Leather Community. He is proudly collared to his Daddy Daniel and is a full member and past treasurer of The DC boys of Leather. Boy kris is your Atlantic States Leatherboy 2019 and came in first-runner up at International LeatherSir, Leatherboy and International Community Bootblack Weekend in 2019. Furthermore, he had the honor of being awarded the Golden Paddle for his camaraderie and brotherhood with his ILSB-ICBB class. From selling jello shots for charity or providing service with a smile in a dark corner, boy kris is a proud cumdump fist pig that loves to support his community any way he can. He believes that every person in O/our Community, regardless of background, deserves a safe space that enables T/them to discover and live T/their own unique truth and pursue T/their kinks without fear or judgement, and by making constant investments of our time, energy, and guidance in each other we can ensure that our community will continue to grow and thrive.  

Sir Jonathan

SE LeatherSIR 2018

Head Judge

Sir Jonathan knows how to use his southern charm to get into your pants. At first you see him as your southern Sir, who is all hospitality and manners. Next thing you know he has you hard and naked in a bar, stairwell, hospitality suite or hotel lobby.  He leaves you with a polite thank you and the taste of peaches and whiskey on your tongue.


His interest in kinks and leather started one night when he strolled into the Atlanta Eagle. He met leather Sirs, boys and a few who identified as pups and he wanted more. He started to attend classes there including knife play, erotic wresting, fire cupping and the pup dynamics. 

After a brief conversation with his husband he found that kink and leather were always a part of his life. He was told that this will open up a Pandora’s box and he wasn’t sure where it would lead to but he isn’t about to go back.


Sir Jonathan comes from a technical theater background so electro play quickly became his primary kink.  He now regularly teaches and demos E-stim and Violet Wand at various events and conventions all over the country including; Southeast Leather Fest, Florida Puppy Contest and Central Plains Leather Sir and Boy, SE Black and Blue. He is pined into Mama’s Family as Mama’s Sparky Sir.


A self-proclaimed holey man, he enjoys finding holes and filing the with a variety of things. He loves the connection, art and science of fisting and flags red his left proudly. He also enjoys edge play like; sounding, water sports and breath play. Naughty pups and boys have found