2020 Southeast Community Bootback Judges

03 AJ.png

AJ Porter,

ICBB 2019

SECBB Head Judge

AJ, your International Community Bootblack 2019, continues to be of service to the Leather and BDSM community’s in the Southeast region. You will find AJ wrangling fellow bootblacks for numerous events throughout Central Florida, charity fundraising for Forgotten Tails Rescue, Leather Heart Foundation and many more. He is serving as a founding member of Tampa Bay Boys of Leather where he strives to brings education to the Tampa Bay area and create space for fellowship. Being a baker of cakes, brownies and cookies, AJ often flags lime green for food play! Though he has a sweet tooth that rivals even the great Willy Wonka, AJ’s first love is that of the most perfect food in the world – Tacos He maybe a lover of bow ties and sloths, but he spends his free time dreaming about the fun and sadistic things he can do with tacos!  

Roke 1st Runner up IMBB 2018

Roke lives in Houston where they work at the local community leather shop, the Montrose Forge. Roke is a non-binary trans person who uses they/them pronouns. Roke also enjoys pet play both as a Corgi pup, as well as kitten, particularly personifying an ethereal pink lion of cosmic ability. They are also a little who adores hugs and video games, and finds joy in cartoons like (you guessed it) Steven Universe. They have lent their services bootblacking at GLUE and events across the Midwest; they placed second at IMBB 2018, and are the bootblack coordinator for Iowa Leather Weekend. They have officially judged both Cincinnati and Philly Leather and Fetish event contests, and unofficially judged people's treatment of the disenfranchised. Along with boot worship, Roke also enjoys a wide variety of other experiences not limited to body worship, needle play, and fisting. You can also find Roke with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They are a founder of the Cincinnati Sisters, and since moving to Houston are known as Guard Marv'l  Kahmic of the Space City Sisters. Outside of their tireless work in the community you can find Roke cuddled up with their partner Nuke, dying their floofy mane a particular pink, or snuggle smashing a red velvet cake.

Bamm-Bamm, IMBB 2015

Bamm-Bamm identifies as a switchy sexual opportunist, and bootblacking is no exception. Whether he’s grinding on a pair of Wesco’s at the nearest leather bar, tweeting about his latest exploits as a traveling cumpuppy, or greasing the boots standing on his chest at any given moment, it’s all about the erotic energy exchange. Known for his hyper-sexual Bootblacking style, whether top or bottom, Bamm knows how to ensure everyone in his chair leaves satisfied. Bamm-Bamm is one of very few people to have held two major international leather titles, having won International Leatherboy in 2012 and International Mr. Bootblack 2015.

You can now find him groping every pair of boots in sight whenever he gets the opportunity to bootblack, as well as teaching classes at events around the world and perverting everyone willing along the way. He currently calls Cincinnati home with his husband & fellow IMBB, Pup Pawlish. Bamm is the loving Daddy to his little, Dougie, and Sir to his boy Zachary, and is also celebrating 6 years as the proud handler of the infamous front-walking dog, pup Tugger.

Master Dan

ALM 2015

Dan was American Leatherman 2015 and Mr. DC Eagle 2015.  He competed in IML 37 where he placed 6th.  Dan works for the federal government, where he has served in a variety of union roles including headquarters union president.  He was the National President for his agency’s LGBT Employee Association for half a decade and was a producer of the Mr DC Eagle contest. Dan attended 54 events his title year as ALM, judging numerous contests and supporting a wide range of leather and LGBT related charities.  He continues to attend leather events and judge contests including serving as a reviewer/judge for the National Leather Association’s literature competition.  Dan was honored in 2017 with a President’s award from the Imperial Court of Washington DC and in 2018 with the Marcus Hernandez International Leather Leadership Award from the Queen Mother of the Americas for his efforts in bringing the Court and Leather communities together to jointly support a number of local charities and inclusive events.  He lives just outside Washington, DC and spends most of his time with his polyamorous leather family.  Dan is passionate about tackling HIV stigma and promotes PrEP education as part of a personal risk reduction plan.    

Rocky Stewart

Rocky Mtn BB

Rocky has been a member of the leather and dog community for over 13 years, stumbling onto it after seeing the kind of men he really wanted to be with.  Rocky found bootblacking early into his journey after joining his first leather family and the “chore” of leather care has pushed onto the dog of the family.  It didn’t take long before the love and passion of bootcare took hold and from that one chore, a life journey was created no one ever expected.  Rocky has held three bootblack titles: Rocky Mountain Community BootBlack, Colorado BootBlack, and Michigan BootBlack.  Rocky was given the highest honor and privilege when he was invited to travel to Amsterdam and teach blacking as the first ever BootBlack class.  His name and face on the Amsterdam Eagle, Dirty Dicks, and Mister B. To this day are still some of his greatest achievements.